Monday, July 14, 2008

The Power of Prayer

Last night, my best friend Lori and I were chatting online.  She mentioned that her 9 year old daughter Kelsie was sick with a very high fever.  We were chatting about her other symptoms and how miserable poor Kelsie was.  Her daughter Kelsie and my daughter Havilah were born just four weeks apart and are best friends as she and I are.  We live about an hour apart, but we all see each other fairly often.

I felt worried for Kelsie and said a quick prayer that God would heal her and help her to feel better soon.  A couple of minutes later, Lori messaged me that Kelsie had just come out of her room sleepwalking and talking.  Kelsie said "I thought she was just in my room but now she's gone".  Lori asked her who she was talking about and Kelsie said "Vicki".

Perhaps the Holy Spirit carried my simple, but heartfelt prayer all the way to Kelsie.  It was a great reminder that our prayers actually have power and that God really does perform miracles even today.  So, keep praying and expecting answers!

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