Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Wow, here it is already one week since my last confession.  I'm not sure I like the fact that writing something on a specific day each week causes you to realize just how fast the weeks are going by.  For this week I would like to confess that:

1.)  I keep a dream journal.  I have been having some really interesting dreams lately.  I have always had vivid dreams, but lately some of them have been noteworthy.  I sometimes have dreams about people that I haven't seen or even thought of in years.  I usually know that this is a prompting to pray for them and whatever they may be going through currently.

2.)  I have no extra time on my hands, but I am starting a couple of other websites/blogs this week.  I will be working on a political website and a family activity website.  I'll post links to those soon.

3.)  My husband and I are perpetual visionaries and I love it!  Most people who hear us talk about our future plans and dreams would shake their heads and wonder how we can think so big!  We started our business together over 16 years ago when we were very young and very stupid (19 and 24).  Yet, somehow we managed to survive and stay in business for all these years.  Believe me, we have had some major swings.  But even when things are going great, we have always looked at our business as a growing, living, creature (a beast actually).  It never grows up fully, and we are always looking for ways to prune, fertilize and cultivate it for optimum growth.  It is truly the looking towards the future goals that helps keep us going.

4.)  The fantasy that I have of owning a farm is on hold temporarily.  My husband decided to pressure wash our deck Sunday.  I asked him if he would do it so I could go ahead and seal it (about 13 months late) before it is damaged beyond repair.  From the deck, he used the pressure washer on the driveway, the sidewalk, the walkway stairs,the front porch, the entire exterior of the house, then the windows, and finally the gutters!   

The house looks great!  However, this is how things seem to go for us - in giant spurts - all or nothing, feast or famine.  When we finally start on a project, it turns into an entire day of projects.  How much worse would this be if we had our 30 acres with animals?  He would never have any free time.  Hmmm, would we ever sleep?

5.)  I think my knees are betraying me!  Yes, I said my knees.  I have always loved to walk.  I usually walk and spend time praying and contemplating.  There have been seasons when I have walked 5 miles a day.  Lately, when I move them, my knees sound like two rough grain pieces of sandpaper being rubbed together.  They are aching and popping a lot too.  I am not very happy to admit this, since I'm only 34, but I may actually need to do something about it.  Well, they say admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.....


DLPJ said...

These are great posts! Mr. Chrasta was right...you ARE a great writer. Just don't let him know he was right...

Vicki G. said...

Thanks! Your $10 check is on the way. ;)

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