Sunday, October 5, 2008

Forbidden - Sunday Scribblings


Being human, we want what we can't have. As Americans, we have literally everything we need. Don't even try to argue that we don't. We do. We're spoiled.....rotten!!

Just take a look at how our government operates, especially this past week. It's a sad state of affairs. I guess the place that this writing prompt takes me is to the attitude and lifestyle of the American people as a whole. There are plenty of people who live and act responsibly, borrowing only what they can afford to pay back, living within their means, and even giving charitably to those less fortunate. But for the rest of the people, including the banks, the borrowers, and the government, who thought that it was somehow a good idea to borrow, lend, and oversee financial transactions without the responsible wisdom required for such things, you have left the rest of us to bear the burden of your stupidity.

A few months ago, when the financial crisis was just beginning in the news, I posted a funny blog post called "The Financial Crisis - How Did We Get Here?". It included a clip from the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" where Ben Stein was teaching economics and the class was barely able to stay awake. The clip includes his famous "Anyone? Anyone?" line. The point of my post was, that we got here, because nobody was paying attention. Over the last month, my blog has been inundated with hundreds of hits by people google searching the exact words "Financial Crisis - How did we get here?" It is so sad, that we have been blindsided by the irresponsible acts of other citizens, businesses and our own government. But, we are also partly to blame for not paying attention!

Back to the writing prompt of "forbidden". Nobody likes to be told no, especially when we really want something. But, just as we have to tell our 2 year old child "NO" to running out into the street, so must we say "NO" to many things in life.

Here are some things which should be forbidden for the good of the nation:
Giving mortgages to people who can't afford them, paying CEOs millions of dollars even though the company has collapsed, filing for bankruptcy "protection" so your company can go out and continue the exact same practices that got you there in the first place, government bailouts, tax increases and wealth re-distribution plans, socialized medicine, wasteful spending by politicians, more plastic surgery for Nancy Pelosi, rushed time lines for legislation (as if this problem just appeared suddenly!), and Presidential debates without lie detectors. Oh, and we can't forget the encouragement of outsourcing jobs and illegal immigration!! Whew - that's obviously my abbreviated version of this list.

God, as always, has it right. Forbidding some things, for our own good, saves us from a lot of pain down the road.


Kimberly said...

Since I agree with most of your post, I am only going to remark on the items I disagree with (but as I said, I agree with most of what you wrote!)

Tax increases - they need to happen for big business and the wealthy. Too many businesses and the wealthy find too many tax shelters or off shore bank accounts. They need to be appropriately taxed to help ease the burden on the middle class and the small business owners.

Socialized medicine - well, OUR government running healthcare is scary, but as a whole, socialized medicine is a much better way to go. Living where I do, in such close proximity to Canada (and working in healthcare myself,) I have come into contact with many Canadians who have shared their views on this topic with me. The Canadian system is so far and above ours, that it is sad. Everyone gets the care they need and there are less "major" problems because everyone gets the preventative care they need. They also never have to choose between seeing a doctor, buying their medicine, paying for insurance and eating, having electricity, paying their rent, etc.

Lie detectors - I think all politicians are so good at lying that there wouldn't be any noticeable changes in their pulse rate, etc, that the lie detector would be ineffective.

Kimberly said...

I forgot one thing. I have an addition to your list of things that are bad for the country, and that is allowing companies to send jobs overseas. It hurts our economy so much by not providing jobs to Americans. I would approve a tax break to companies who keep 100% of their jobs in America.

Vicki G. said...

There were so many things I could list, but I had to quit at some point. I will have to add the outsourcing of jobs and illegal immigration - both are unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

here, here

Vicki G. said...

Also, in regards to tax increases, I suggest the government stop spending the money that they already receive so irresponsibly instead of reaching deeper into my pockets.

Socialized medicine would be a disaster. I don't trust the government with my dog, let alone my healthcare. We have an HSA, since we are self-employed, and it works out great. What we don't spend on healthcare is in an interest bearing savings account. We're still covered for the big costs and emergencies and it is very affordable.

Anonymous said...

Most of what I have just read applies equally to us here in the UK. The notion of subjecting politicians to lie detector tests is particularly appealing!We have had a national health service here for many years. Everyone, including illegal immigrants qualify for treatment free at the point of delivery. Is it surprising therefore we have queues of folk battering our border down!

Terrie said...

If you think HMO's are bad. With socialized healthcare you would have to wait forever to see a specialist.
Also raising taxes only slows down the economy. What we need is a cut in government spending. The waste is incredible. If people from Hollywood want to help the poor then they can give money directly to whatever cause they feel appropriate. They don't need the government to distribute the money for them. Great blog Vicki!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. And 'God, as always, has it right. Forbidding some things, for our own good, saves us from a lot of pain down the road.' is so true!

Karla said...

Great blog. We need less government, not more. It's funny how when government is causing so much problems people want more of it! We should heed the insight of our Founding Fathers and keep government to a minimum.

Anonymous said...

great posting. The other day, my neighbor told his young son at the bus stop. . . "today is the first day of the end of our money."

Anonymous said...

Well done! Can you pass this information on to our government?

May I help you?

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