Thursday, October 16, 2008

BJ's Wholesale Club - Cut your grocery bill

After my recent post about saving money, I was contacted by somebody affiliated with BJ's Wholesale Club.  I was delighted to find out that BJ's not only sends you a coupon book each month, but they are the only discount club that allows regular manufacturer coupons.  

Even better, I learned that they allow coupon "stacking".  That means that if you buy an item at BJ's that includes more than one item labeled for re-sale, as many of their items are, you can use up to that number in coupons.  For example, if you bought a multi-pack of spaghetti sauce with three jars,  you can use up to three coupons on that item!  This is a great money saver!  

Before I posted this I did try it out to be sure it works.  I clipped my coupons from the BJ's coupon book, printed some from and, and went to BJ's to buy my regular groceries.

It worked fine and I saved $35 with the coupons and was able to use multiple coupons on multi-pack items without a problem at all.  

**For those reading from BJ's Wholesale Club, feel free to mail me some gift cards in exchange for this wonderful plug that I'm giving you on top of all of the money that I spend at your store!  Thanks!**


Terrie said...

Lol, and while they're at it they can send your mother a gift card too!

Jamey said...

I hope you get one. Alas I have never even heard of one of those stores, I belong to costco though.

jadey said...

I love BJ's wholesale club and value that coupon book. Great savings.

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