Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Snowman

What a crazy week of weather we've had here! Last week we had a snow storm that gave us about 7 inches of snow! The public schools were closed for 3 days.

The kids had a blast. By the weekend, all of the snow had melted and we were enjoying 75 degree weather two days in a row! Only in Virginia!

As a tribute to our fun, albeit brief, snow experience, I wanted to share this short clip from one of the best animated movies of all time called 'The Snowman". When my oldest son (now almost 14!) was a newborn, we got him a soft stuffed Snowman that attached to the side of the crib and played this song. I still have it hidden away in the attic. Hearing the song makes me cry! Snowmen don't last long and neither do newborn babies.

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Kimberly said...

School being cancelled for seven inches of snow makes me smile. That's how it was when we were kids (heck, just a dusting was needed to cancel school!)

Up here, we had almost a foot the other day and the kids went to school. Ice is about the only thing that will cancel snow here. I think we have to make up two more days.

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