Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sad But TRUE

I usually have plenty of patience and go through my day without too many complaints. Today was just one of those days when I had to wonder what is wrong with people??

I was sitting at a stop light and felt a small jolt.  I looked in my rearview mirror and the car behind me (which had been sitting behind me for a few seconds already) had tapped my bumper.  So, of course I got out to inspect my bumper and to make sure all was well.  The man got out of the car looking confused and said " I don't know what just happened, did you just hit me?" I laughed and told him that my car doesn't go backwards when it's in Drive and that he had bumped me.  I asked him to pull off at the gas station ahead, which he did, and we exchanged information.  He was nice, but he never offered an apology.  It was not a big deal but it did get me thinking about this topic.

Later on in the evening I took my son and daughter to Bruester's for ice cream while their brother was bowling with his youth group.  I placed my order and then asked the young man if they had Coke products.  He looked a little puzzled, looked over his shoulder at the fountain drinks dispenser and contemplated his answer.  He then said yes, we have Coke, so... I ordered a small Coke.  When he came back with my drink, it was very peculiar.  It had very little ice, and was warm to the touch.  I very suspiciously sipped the straw and tasted warm, flat, syrup that didn't even resemble Coke.  I handed it back and told him how awful it was.  He said "yeah I know, our machine isn't working and I don't know what is wrong with it."  Um, okay so why didn't you just say that???  He was going to let me pay for it, walk away and attempt to drink it, when he knew it was undrinkable.

For some reason, there are some people ( more than I want to admit ) that have no idea how to deal with the plain and simple truth.  Instead of saying "I'm sorry" and giving you an answer or statement that you might not want to hear, but is true, they go the wimpy route. What is so difficult about saying "I'm sorry" or "No" when it precedes the truth?

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