Thursday, January 24, 2008


I love selling on ebay.  I just opened an ebay store after selling on and off for the last 6 years.  My Mom got me hooked on it when I was home all the time with my three children, who at the time were all under the age of 6.  I was just beginning to home school them and needed a productive outlet just for me.

I say productive outlet because I've never been the type to join groups or clubs for some reason.  I don't really have any hobbies and I don't enjoy myself unless I'm being productive (with the exception of being on vacation).  I have no idea why.  I rarely just sit down to watch t.v. or a movie, unless I have three loads of laundry to fold, or can do paperwork or bills at the same time.

The thing I love about ebay the most is I get to have so much flexibility.  I would love to open an actual store in "real life"  but I could never commit enough time to it.  I have so many other things going on and I love being able to close down shop for a few weeks to go on vacation or just take a break when I'm tired of it.  I hope that you'll check out my store when you get a chance.  The link is  

I'm sure you'll notice the "Considering the Lilies" theme carries over to the store.  Just for the record, I named the store first, and then started the blog. I also have a website that I'm working on. 

The reason the scripture speaks to me so much is because I am so often reminded of what the important things in our earthly life really are.  I'll give you a couple of hints - they have nothing to do with money, possessions, or what the lost souls in Hollywood are doing today.  God has provided for my family every step of the way and He never lets me down.  Never!  Every time I have needed Him, He has come through.  Not always when or how I wanted Him to, but always when I needed Him to.  He knows our needs better than we know our own, if we seek Him first, all these "things" shall be added to us.  Take a minute to read Matthew 6:25 - 34 and have a great day!

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