Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pictures are Worth.........

I used to be very camera shy. Anytime somebody tried to take a picture or video of me, I would run in the opposite direction. I usually avoided being in the pictures by being the one taking the pictures all the time. Being a Mom, I still take a lot of pictures but now I make a point of getting somebody to take a few of me too.

My silly attitude changed when a friend and her 9 year old daughter died in an accident. She left behind her husband and three small children. At the funeral reception guests were asked to write their favorite memories to save for the surviving children. I wondered how my own small children would deal with such a loss and how they would be able to remember me if there were very few photos to reflect upon. Would they remember the days at the park, the trips to the museum or playing in the snow with me? Would they remember how much fun we had?

Yesterday, I attended the untimely funeral of another friend whom I had lost touch with after High School. She passed away at the age of 36. At the service, there were photographs everywhere. There were huge pictures on easels, in frames on the tables, and on poster boards. There was a slide show playing on a large screen in the chapel. The photos of her at all stages of her life helped us to remember who she was, and how beautiful and alive she was. What a blessing for her family to have taken so many pictures!

Both of my Grandmothers passed away in the past year. Their photographs are even more important to me now, and hopefully, they will be important to the future generations who will never have a chance to meet them. .....Smile and say cheese!

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