Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Okay, so I skipped last week.  I have been very busy with all that keeps me busy and pretty much forgot about it.  Last week, my best friend Lori and I got all the kids together (her 2 + 1 friend, my 3 + 2 friends) for our first annual "Camp Gesundheit".   

It was basically a two night, three day sleepover/camp where we just let the kids have fun.  We went to the pool, park, played outside and made a few crafts.  There was also a movie night and I broke out the giant popcorn machine.  It is a very big movie style machine that we bought for Joshua's bar mitzvah but haven't used since because it is so difficult to clean.  On the last day we went bowling before saying our goodbyes.  It was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to doing it again next summer.

On to my confessions for this week:

1.)  I am impressed with myself!  Amazingly, I've actually completed a few of my "to do" items before my husband returns home.  I cut the grass again, I purchased the deck seal (though I haven't applied it yet), I pruned the hedges and started to work on the weeds, and I got my office somewhat organized.  I still have several things left to do, but all in all, not half bad considering my kids have had three sleep overs in the last two weeks for a total of 7 extra children plus all of the normal day to day tasks.

2.)  I am addicted to books.  I love summer because I have a little more time to read.  I just love going to the library or the book store to pick out a new book~it is one of life's joys.

3.)  The farm dream is back on.  The pictures above are from a farm that we toured a few weeks ago during "Farm Tour" day here in our County to promote agriculture.  There were several wildflower fields and different types of produce and livestock to see.  Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge them.

The entire family is in agreement that we would like to have a farm one day.  We have all spent hours talking about what we would like to do or have on our farm.  Today we talked about animal names.  Josh decided that he would want a miniature donkey named "Eddie the Ass", a pot bellied pig named "Kosher" and a miniature cow.  Havilah decided she would like to have some rabbits and Gabe decided he would like to have an ATV to drive around.  

4.)  I already have Obama fatigue.  Lord, I hope that man does not get elected or I'll never be able to watch the news.  I am already so tired of hearing his voice with his contrived accents!  He seems so fake and comical to me that I'm becoming cynical over everything that comes out of his mouth.  At least with Bush, I didn't get "fatigue" until about his fifth or sixth year in office!  I am looking forward to the debates, however, and hope that John McCain will wake up in time to close the deal. 
Lazarus arise!!

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