Thursday, May 1, 2008

Learning New Things

I am always game for learning new things.  I am not one of those people who goes around saying "I can't do that."  (Except when it applies to lunacy such as sky diving, bungee jumping, roller coasters, or anything else I'm afraid to do :)

With the rising costs of everything from gas to groceries, I really thought twice before taking our three beloved dogs to get groomed this month.  They are non-shedding dogs and their hair grows like humans so they get a haircut every 8 weeks.  The groomer charges $75 each for the big dogs and $45 for the little one and that is with the multi dog discount.  Yes, it cost me $195 the last time I had them groomed!  We've only had the big dogs for four months so I've only had to take them to the groomer twice.

So, after thinking about it for a while and watching a few YouTube videos on how it is done, I decided to try grooming them myself.  What's the worst that could happen?  If it turned out awful, I could just shave them down and wait for it to grow back.   The results were not too shabby if I do say so myself.  They don't glare at me when I walk by like my 13 year old does after a bad haircut, so they must like it.  It isn't perfect, but I'm sure I'll improve as I learn more.  

It did help that they were so cooperative.   They just stood there for the hour it took me to groom each one and seemed grateful when all I gave them was a peanut butter dog biscuit for their good behavior.  

I have a new respect for the dog groomer and believe they earn every penny that they charge (the back ache alone!), but I think we'll be seeing less of them.  The moral of my little story?  Try learning a new skill  - you might just save yourself money!!!  


Goodnight, Mom said...

Wow! YOU did that??! They look great!

Vicki G. said...

Thank you!!

May I help you?

Super Man and I at Jamestown Island


Our 2 Giant Schnauzers and our Mini Schnauzer (Smokie) hanging out in my office. Notice Smokie rules over the big ones.