Monday, May 5, 2008

How I Got A New Printer For Free

I enjoy saving money.  Today I decided to go to Staples (office supply store).  My printer is on its last legs and I really need a new one so I wanted to look around.  

On the way to Staples I stopped by the post office to check the post office box.  In the box was my Staples Rewards check - perfect timing.  I have a Staples Rewards card that I always swipe when making my purchases.  I have used it so much that I am now "Platinum" - doesn't that sound fancy?  Anyway, my Rewards check was $31.00!  Granted I had to spend money to earn this "reward", but I would have spent the money anyway on needed office supplies for our business.  The largest Rewards check I've ever received was $42.00.  

Anyway, before going into Staples, I went through my Day Planner.  I always put the coupons that I have clipped in it so I won't forget to use them.  I found a coupon I had clipped for Staples that I thought was for online purchases only, but I read it more closely and found that I could use it in the store too.  It was for $40 off a purchase of $200 or more.  Cool!

I went to the Clearance section and found several display model printers on sale.  The displays were an extra 10% off of the sale price.  I found one that looked promising (Canon MP530 all in one) and asked a few questions.  I found out that it also had a $50 mail in rebate and was a very good price.  It was also a fax, scanner, and copier so I could finally get rid of the gigantic fax machine that takes up so much room in my office.

I had to purchase some other business items and went to check out.  The printer cost $129.00 minus the display discount of 10% = ($116.00) minus $50 mail in rebate = ($66.10) minus $40 off purchase of $200 or more coupon = ($26.10) minus $31.00 Staples Reward check = credit of +$4.90.  I was actually paid almost $5.00 to get the new printer (which I applied towards extra ink).  You have to love that!!!!


Dad 2 eight said...

You and your Mom have changed thrift into a work of art. Great story. I am almost inspired to save and use a coupon or two..almost inspired.

Trekin4JC said...

Hey Vicki, I was just checking back to see if you had any new blogs. Check out my site again. I have written many since I started it. I haven't had many comments yet. I might join the blogher site or something soon.

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