Saturday, September 20, 2008

Invitation ~ Sunday Scribblings

This week's writing prompt from Sunday Scribblings is "Invitation".

Just two words.  Two words that can make you feel a part of something!  Two words that can take you from the outside looking in to the center of the action.  These two powerful words?

You're Invited.

When you receive a wedding invitation, the couple is saying "you're invited" to witness our vows to one another.  When your Mother gave birth to you, she said "you're invited" - come into the world!  When your significant other proposed, or said yes to a proposal, they were saying "you're invited" to go on this journey of life with me as my partner!  When Yeshua gave His life on Calvary, He said "you're invited" to have everlasting life if you just believe in Me.  

Just two simple words can make a huge difference in the life of somebody else.  From an invitation to a special event to an alter call, the words "You're Invited" are some of the most heart warming, welcoming words one can possibly hear.

So, be sure to R.S.V.P. and join the celebrations!  An invitation is a precious gift to receive, and to give.


Terrie said...


Patois said...

My children sure feel this way, over-the-top with excitement when an invitation comes their way. Even I, jaded old soul, can't ignore a tug of excitement when an invite arrives.

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Now with an invitation like that..

Wise words.

Karla said...

God has the best invites!

susan said...

Invitation as gift. Like that.

Jamey said...

Good way to put into perspective! also come by and pick up your award!

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